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 A Family Story 

The magic of Biscotti Bizantini was born just a few steps from the sea, in Ravenna.


A land of transition and interchange of human, artistic and cultural values, of styles and traditions of multiple cultures that are magnificently represented in Ravenna. A land with a deep literal and culinary vocation.


It is in this context that Grandfather Umberto, at the end of a long career as a professor, decides to retire to a small bookstore in Marina di Ravenna. Often in the company of his food-loving wife, Grandma Franca, he finds inside a cookbook the recipe from which the magic of Byzantine Biscuits was born.

For nearly 50 years, Mrs. Franca has graced her children, grandchildren and friends with the delicate fragrance of these freshly baked cookies. A flavor as simple and genuine as the raw materials always used in the family. A reason to sit at the table in company and get together while preparing this cookie during the holidays.

Byzantine Biscuits encapsulate a professor's quest, a grandmother's affection and a connection to their homeland.

A true family tale that is passed down today to bring forth delicious and delicate sweet and savory taste variations, while maintaining the iconic shape and unmistakable fragrance of Grandma Franca's recipe.

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