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A savory and delicate proposal to be enjoyed at any time


Flour, Oil, Salt, Salted almonds

These are the main extremely wholesome ingredients that make up the savory roasted almond recipe of our tiles.

Fragile but determined, they are baked and contain no animal fats (no milk, butter or eggs).

Ideal to enjoy during an aperitif along with a good glass of wine, craft beer, spread, cheese board or sliced meats.


wheat flour of Emilia Romagna origin, sunflower oil, salted almonds 7%, 

salt, malted wheat flour and baking soda (may contain traces of soy, sesame, lupine, mustard).

Nutritional Values (100g contain about) Energy value 2562.65 kJ, Fat 30.39 g (of which saturated 3.20 g),

Carbohydrates 73.01 g (of which sugars 1.70 g), Protein 10.70 g, Salt 2.73 g.

What makes our product unique?

The simplicity of the ingredients and the high artisan component of the production process:  

from the processing of the sultanas to the very thin thickness to obtain these precious irregular tesserae.

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