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A healthy snack for any time of the day


Flour, Oil, Salt, Pumpkin Seeds

Biscotti Bizantini's savory pumpkin seed tiles merge their roots in the original sweet cookie recipe.

A grandmother's research and affection are thus passed down through the years to bring forth, today, a tasty and delicate variant, while retaining the iconic shape and unmistakable fragrance of the original sweet tesserae. 

A fresh summer proposal ideal for aperitifs and more!

They are baked and contain no ingredients of animal origin (no butter, milk or eggs).




wheat flour of Emilia-Romagna origin, sunflower seed oil, pumpkin seeds, salt, natural flavors,

wheat flour malt and baking soda (contain no ingredients of animal origin).


Nutritional Values (100g contain about) Energy value 2144 kJ, Fat 27.20 g (of which saturated 3.10 g), Carbohydrates 57.50g, 

(of which sugars 1.20g), Protein 9.50g, Salt 1.80g.

Try it, you won't regret it


In many formats and combinations 


What makes our product unique?

The simplicity of the ingredients and the high artisan component of the production process:  

from the processing of the sultanas to the very thin thickness to obtain these precious irregular tesserae.

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